Tuesday, July 31, 2018

A Goal and a Promise

My goal, maybe even a mission statement, is to be open and serving to others.

There's a level of openness that used to be a part of me when I was younger. The whole park ranger gig, tour guiding through ancient cliff edge homes at Mesa Verde National Park, was a really great way to have a giving nature. I constantly found ways to give of my gifts of storytelling, kindness and creativity. These days, I find myself seeking to be more generous and open to Life. The Giving Spirit is returned; it's what I choose to be about.

There is an analogy I've heard used for spiritual growth of a person: Imagine a spiral staircase. When a new soul incarnates, they have to start from the ground floor. They begin the climb of Spirit incarnating and simply going through lessons and life. As we grow we continue to climb the stairs, eventually returning to the same side of the stairs but one flight up. The lessons in that spot are a mix of the old lesson on that step and an elevated degree of the original lesson. A new degree creates a new lesson, each building on the last and creating momentum.

I feel that the lesson I'm in has been taught me many times before. Learning to give of Who and What I Am is the true purpose of the lesson, and perhaps to do it more authentically seems like a big start.

Open up and give authentically. Some people look around the world and see what's on the news. They focus on it, they expect it and it becomes what they see.

Upon reflection, I realize that I have withdrawn, not allowed my personality free. This is my resolve: I've got to be set free.I am more valuable than that. What do I mean by this? I have been withdrawing into my fear. I apparently have been afraid of life here in Sioux Falls, in the world outside of a nature camp or a national park, or a job in which nobody is expected to contribute greatly. Or, to put it another way, if I am in a job that I can sleepwalk through, then that's what I do and nobody bats an eye at me, the way I'm performing.

There's nothing being risked, and if it is, the risking is backed by something which balances the risk with safe feeling, not trying too hard, not putting myself out there.

Now I have an opportunity to put myself out there. Each day, we have the opportunity to put ourselves out there. I do, you do, we all have choices. They may seem really small, but we all have those chances. They are also known as choices.

As an example, I will use my writing. I recognize now what has kept me from writing much in a long time: I am feeling not confident about what I am writing and whether someone will agree that what I am writing makes sense and is a good point.

The internal worry is always really only and ever about me. I am essentially being selfish by not putting my creative talents out there. It's a worry about me, instead of a caring about someone else. This makes so much sense.

I would venture to say this is a result of the belief in comfort as something for which to strive. The idea that we need to be comfortable is a key issue with this world in which I live. Please don't get me wrong, I like comfortable things, but when it comes to life and people and the opportunity to share something of my self in order to improve the world of others, I must acknowledge discomfort is the way to go.

And what would I say if someone told me: "Get uncomfortable with everything in your life."? I would argue, perhaps from the soft part of me, that there's nothing wrong with having a level of comfort. It's not about complete comfort or not. It's about risking looking the fool to help break down the walls of society.

Walls are splitting, dividing, and separating devices. We don't need no education, if that's what we are being taught. Each day, I want to do something, perhaps many things, which bring a smile, some joy and perhaps a sense of hope to someone I meet.

It's time to step back into the world with that mindset, every day, to do what I can to bring value to a life through what I have to offer. Not every person is going to want what I have. That's okay. But, I will continue to grow and offer what I have to give.

That is my promise to Me and You.

Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Spirit of Summer

Some of my favs together on a summery Memorial Day.
There's a turtle dove bobbing it's head as it strolls down the sidewalk. The dove is one of my favorite birds. I remember fondly meditative afternoons on the front step at our Corsica, SD, home, sitting and listening to cicadas and doves with their hypnotic chorus of buzzing and cooing. The cicadas eventually drown out the dove sounds on those sleepy summer afternoons that melt into evening into the short and long night of Summer.
The wait was sometimes a patient one. I would allow my focus to go soft, my view to widen as in would fly the white horse of Spirit. Working with myself in such a way, I would often reach into relaxation and grab hold of something unholdable. When it would slip through my fingers I did not care, often because I would feel so in tune with it I was beyond care. The State would travel with me for a while.
The joy of connecting to Spirit, to God, is a warm bath on a cold Winter's eve. It's a cool river, in the shade in the desert, cottonwood trees and sandstone creek bed forming the cozy meeting spot of Spirit.
That meeting spot is a glimpse into who I Am. It's the dove cooing, the humid summer day oozing into me or the blending of cool stream and pounding desert heat.

Sunday, December 24, 2017


Breath is Life. God Breathed Life into the inanimate and made Life physical. Breathing is the Human body's connection to the Soul and Spirit that I Am. Breathing brings Spirit and energy into the body.

There's life everywhere in the Universe. God the One breathed it There. There's Life in infinite forms. Life is Infinite, and the most astonishing thing to some is that we are not alone in the Universe. We are not alone in our Galaxy, nor our star cluster, nor our solar system. Life takes many People forms, and many human forms. We are not even Alone as Humans on our planet Gaia Earth. It is logical, and there are so many stories to tell us, even from the Bible, that this is so.

Life is Ever Expanding and Contracting, infinitely pulsing. God's Grace is infinite, like Breath. When you are done breathing in this physical life, you continue breathing in the Next. And the Next. Life and Breath go On and On, which means you keep going on and on.

Marvelous, right? These are things I've wanted to say for a long time. So many things. Love has given me the wings to take off now, to say what I've wanted to say. It's time that I express what is in me, what my Soul wants, NEEDS to speak.

You are loved. You are Love. Infinite. It's what you ARE! Know it. Feel it, and breathe.

Monday, June 26, 2017

To Niwot, and Beyond! A Week of Celebrations

Kellyn, Violet, Joey and Blaine
Nick with Violet and Adela
We made a party of it. Our recent road trip to Custer, SD, and Niwot, CO, was a wonderful celebration of family, especially the less-than-a-year-old kind. We celebrated A LOT! There was so much to be grateful for that we were Great-full!

First we stopped in Custer to take a break and spend time with the Custer Kortemeyers. We enjoyed a beautiful night grilling on the deck and enjoying family time. Amazing food, grilled by one Alexander Kortemeyer. Nice work Big A! And everywhere we went it was a celebration of sweet baby Violet!

We took off the next morning for Niwot, and made it there just as sweet niece Adela cranked up her party celebrating her 3rd birthday. Friends, pool and water fun, and of course, sugar.
As her uncle, I was obliged to play the part of the "scary bear" and chase Adela and her friends all around the house. I loved it. Too bad I didn't have a costume.

And we celebrated meeting Leo and Violet. Leo is two months old and Violet is six months, and the cousins had not met, not to mention the Aunts and Uncles hadn't met the other babe either.
Violet, Leo and Adela

Siblings Nick and Molly and their Babes Leo and Violet

Leo celebrating Life!
It was such a joy to spend time with everyone. Leo and Adela are such beautiful children. It was a real joy to finally meet Leo and to reaquaint ourselves with the energetic Adela. It's really wonderous to watch children grow and get to know them. The whole adventure was wonderful.

On the way home, Molly and I celebrated our third anniversary of our commitment to love. It's been a fun ride, and we are just getting warmed up. Celebrating our togetherness on this trip was effortless and joyful. And, oh yeah, we also got a first Father's Day and Summer Solstice in there, too. That's a lot to celebrate. I'm grateful for the love that brought us all together and made this week of celebrations possible.

Sunday, June 11, 2017

Breath Inspired

From Josiah's Coffee House, 8th and Railroad, Sioux Falls
What to say?
How to hope?
Faith to build
Let go of oars
Start to flow downstream
Thinking Thinking Thinking
Think Think
One of my art-inspiring places
Let go


Letting it Out

Penstemmon in Leaders Park, Sioux Falls.
What has become apparent: I have to write. There can be no mistaking it. Overall, my health improves when I put myself out there. And that's the difficulty of it and the point. Putting one's self on a page, for art, for self expression is a process of stripping off layers of armor. We do this all the time. We make friends. We reach out, testing the waters with someone.
Do you want to be my friend? It's our most basic unspoken question and one that boils us down to essentials quickly.  Sometimes, in our innocence, we are able to speak it. Innocence and boldness and daring are traits which are easy to lose in adulthood. They are not lost permanently, however, but are strengths, or muscles which must be worked out.
Writing from the heart is the real practice, as well. It's what helps me release what's inside. It's what helps me get the God Energy within me and put it out into the world. And if I don't put that out of me, it will stay inside and get stuck within. And when an energy gets stuck within, it can create a blockage - stagnant energy within blocking the healthful flow of my life force energy, the God Energy. It creates dis-harmony and eventually, dis-ease or better known as disease.
This stuff has to come out. For my health. It doesn't matter what happens with it. What I'm discovering is that the energy within me must come out.

Post Script
I wrote this and saved it over a year ago. I'm just now posting it because I think it's still relevant and I'm definitely enjoying putting these things out there. This blog has been all but abandoned in recent times. I would like to bring it back to life: more art, more photography, more travel posts when available.

Thanks for checking back.


Monday, February 29, 2016

"The Return" - a story in celebration of Leap Day

He stepped down into the visible world. To the unknowing observer, you would say he dropped from heaven, an angel, or was a ghost crossing from the other side to speak words of warning or the opposite, to tell us everything is okay, that grandpa is there with grandma.
Last time he had stepped onto Mother Gaia he was 18 years old, a mere pup. Since then he had been on the ships, serving in various capacities and in various Sol Systems. His favorites would be hard to gauge, but for shear beauty, being invited to the Pleiades system and seeing the Great Purple Lodge from the ship had to be on the list.
That's not to mention the obvious, the first time he saw our blue-green beauty through the floor of the first ship he left home upon. Seeing our Great Mother's body, knowing the success of pure water for all, of the great abundance Gaia's children were experiencing and how pure each conscious breath could be on her face.
And that now all Mother Earth's children were connected, one people, a Galactic, Cosmic Society. We had become Trekkies, trekkers of the MultiVerse.
He had done and been what he had hoped to be and do. And he now came back home to transition. 800 odd years later, he stepped onto Medicine Butte, quest completed. He vanished again. Now he was the wind.

-------  -------

Dear Friends,
I wrote the above fiction to celebrate Leap Day - to celebrate the Leaps we as humans are capable of and will experience. You may not know it or believe it, but I believe we are not that far away from this society. We will have to get there together, or not at all.

We WILL get there. Together.

Thanks for reading,